Sep 1, 2015

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How to Shop for a Perfect Bow Tie

Bow ties are a mark of individuality. They an excellent alternative to the long tie that most men prefer. The bow tie has a rich history. It was worn lose a few centuries back to hold together roomy men’s shirt around the home and farmyards. Scarfs and primitive neckties evolved into better neckwear as men’s shirts became more fitting and tightly structured.

The modern long necktie made its entrance in the fashion world at around 1920s. It was tied with a four-knot-hand. Also, bow ties also shifted from simple knotted rectangular shapes to more elaborate and properly structured fabric knots. Bow ties today are worn in different occasions ranging from formal black tie and white bow tie events to business and informal gatherings that are more social in nature.

Formal bow ties are small compared to social bow ties that come in a variety of bold colors as opposed to formal ones. Knowing the different occasions and varieties that bow ties are worn you need to understand how to purchase the best for your style needs is crucial.

The first thing you need to consider when purchasing a bow tie is its material. Silk is the most common material used in making bow ties because it is easy to tie. Linen and cotton are alternative natural fibers that make excellent bow ties as well. Bow ties made from the best materials are more expensive compared to cheaper fabrics such as polyester and its blends. Bowties must not be too soft or slippery because it is important to maintain a neat knot all day long.

Choosing the right color and pattern of a bow tie also identifies you as an individual. Most bow ties are available in prints and fabrics that are considered manly. The most common colors and prints include polka dots, solid black, foulards, pin dots, and the more abstract prints including double strips, checks, diamonds, and novelty prints. The choice of print should be guided by the occasion and dress code.

Business functions sedate men’s prints are more appropriate as opposed to the bolder and quirky prints for leisure hours. Picking a good bowtie is also dependent on where you buy. It is possible to get the best new and gently worn bow ties if you know where to look. Searching online or within your community will give you desirable results.

Consider a formal wear store in your neighborhood when searching for a good bow tie. You can never go wrong with a store whose existence is dedicated to serving men’s attire needs. The chances are that the staff is knowledgeable about different formal male attires and will not struggle to suggest the best bow ties for your occasion. A department store with special attention to the men’s wear section is another place to look for excellent bow ties.

Most local and national stores have well-stocked men wear departments. You should take advantage of the seasonal sales. Purchasing new bow ties at a discount is the easiest way to get several bow ties at affordable prices or to save some money when you purchase your favorite bow tie at an affordable rate.

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